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Deena's Designs

Price Lists

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Thank you for visiting the price list. I hope you will find that the prices are within your budget.

If you think these prices are low, stop and consider the price you have to pay for the fabric you choose to use or if you have to ship some fabric to me also, the pattern you want to use as well as zippers, buttons, piping or trim if you need any of those for the pattern.

Cost of added items would be added to your bill.

Long Skirts(including denim skirts) - $10

Short Skirts (including denim skirts) - $8

Shirts- $7- $10 (depending on style)

Suit Jackets-


Long-$15-$20 (depending on style)


Short jacket and skirt $17-$20(depending on style)

Long jacket & sleevless dress $20-$30(depending on style)

Nurse uniform-


Skirt and top-$5 each

Purses -$5

Hair/Neck scarf to match - $2


Long-$15-$20 (depending on style)

Short-$10-$15 (depending on style)